Architectural Diversity

A variety of housing types are carefully integrated in a way that does not create segregated “districts”. There is no such thing as “the townhouse section” in Lochlyn Hill. Instead, there are a wide variety of lot types and sizes, designed to accommodate couples, families and empty nesters. Some lots have rear alley access; others access from the front. Your house should be as unique as you are so builders are creating new and exciting plans in a variety of authentic architectural styles.

Lochlyn Hill Drive

Green space and pedestrian friendly

65% of the homes border parks or green space. A central park provides areas for recreation, entertaining and relaxation. Among the planned amenities are a park shelter, fire pit, playground, interactive water feature and community gardens. The community also includes streets with sidewalks, street trees, quality public spaces and a central park.

The neighborhood will also include a greenway park and trail along Meadowcreek that will accommodate pedestrians and cyclists and provide connections to both the Rivanna Trails System and the City’s greenway system. Charlottesville High School and the Meadowcreek Parkway trail will all be accessible by natural trails.

The Lochlyn Hill neighborhood has over a mile of frontage on Pen Park and the Meadowcreek Golf Course, more than any other neighborhood in the City or County.

Lochlyn HillĀ Cottages

Lochlyn HillĀ Park