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Welcome Arcadia Builders to Lochlyn Hill!

Last week, I was showing Lochlyn Hill to some wonderful buyers who were attracted to Lochlyn Hill because “it doesn’t look like anything else in Charlottesville.” That others are able to see this part of our vision is exciting. Today, we’re adding to the excitement by adding another builder to the group of local Charlottesville builders who are making homes in Lochlyn Hill – welcome Arcadia Builders!

Domenico D’Auria, owner and the creative mind at Arcadia Builders, likes to craft unique homes for his clients. He doesn’t take a cookie cutter approach to building.

The opportunity to create something unique in this architecturally diverse community appeals to his creative side. Domenico builds homes all over central Virginia but is excited to be a part of what’s happening in Lochlyn Hill and building in the City of Charlottesville.

Arcadia Builders is a certified Earth-Craft home builder whose homes are energy efficient and built with materials and construction techniques that are environmentally friendly.

The focus on walkability and close proximity to great outdoor spaces excites Domenico. He never builds the same home twice, so the diversity and excitement of what’s happening in Lochlyn Hill is a great fit with his business philosophy and his focus in the future.

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