If you’ve read even a few of our musings here at Lochlyn Hill, you will note that we care deeply about the appearance of Lochlyn Hill, and we hold our builders to a higher standard. Our homes need to be unique but also need to flow well with their surroundings. It is with those two ideals in mind that Peak Builders has designed this custom pre-sale home.

The owners wanted a house that felt at home next door to the wide-porched farm house, but didn’t just replicate it. Further, they were looking for a more sizable yard. Peak’s designers were able to deliver both by removing the detached garage and instead building a home with a porte-cochere. And to that new home siting, they were able to create a wonderful farm house that flows beautifully from next door.

With more than 2,100 square feet above grade, this home makes the most of its modest footprint by including a full basement, resulting in a full 3,100 square feet of finished space, four bedrooms and three baths. The first floor will be an inviting space with open kitchen tucked into a bump out on the side.

Again showing that we can keep building unique homes that create a wonderful community.