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Lochlyn Hill – The New Northside Library

Libraries are needed. A neighborhood library ought to be easily accessible and ought to be a place of refuge for people who need to study or think or just relax. It should have stacks that can be browsed, with as many books and journals as the library can afford, but—and maybe I’m flirting with heresy here—only after the library is well-equipped with internet-enabled computers and a staff who knows how to help people find what they want. (And no, not everyone, even in America, has reliable internet access at home.) The Northside Library to be built 2.5 miles from Lochlyn Hill, seeks to become the community hub that the new Crozet Library has become. Crozet used to have a small library – too small. Now Crozet has a massive new library that has quickly, seemingly overnight, become a community hub comprised of beautiful open spaces, lots of light, computer terminals, free WiFi, and books – lots and lots of books. The Northside Library, an example of Albemarle County moving with extreme efficiency, aspires to accomplish the same things in the 29 North/Rio Corridor that the Crozet Library has started to accomplish – and it’s only about 2.5 miles from the Lochlyn Hill neighborhood.

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