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Homes With Heart – New Construction in the City of Charlottesville

By November 27, 2017 Lochlyn Hill, Phase 2 No Comments

Home is where the heart is, they say.

But how much heart can a home truly have when it looks almost identical to every other house on the block? If a house has been rolled off the equivalent of an assembly line, how much can that house really say about what’s in the hearts of the family who lives there? About their values, about their personalities, about their hopes, about their dreams?

Take a look around Lochlyn Hill.

Right away, you’ll notice something different. You’ll see heart. You’ll see passion. You’ll see architecturally diverse homes constructed exclusively by local builders who care deeply about craftsmanship, creativity and comfort.

Our team includes Christopher Brement of Bramante Homes, Jeff Robertson of Echelon Homes, Matt Gruber of Peak Builders, Domenico D’Auria of Arcadia Builders and Josh Batman of Stony Point Design Build. This hand-picked team of the Charlottesville area’s most respected builders are inspired by a single mission: to create homes that capture the personalities of the families who live here.

The design philosophy of originality and character that underpins Lochlyn Hill has produced a neighborhood with all types of homes, including townhouses, cottages, single-family houses, villas and apartments. The architecture is varied—craftsman, prairie-style, contemporary, farmhouse, Victorian and Italianate. But every home here has one thing in common. Heart.




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