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Furthering the Building of Community

Last week, we had the first of many community gatherings in Lochlyn Hill.

After work, at the park near the entrance of our neighborhood, we had snacks, a few drinks, and good conversation.

One of the things that has resonated with many who have been through, evaluated, and chosen to move to Lochlyn Hill is the opportunity that exists to be part of something.

I noted last week on Twitter – “”I want to be part of something.” Don’t know if I am hearing that more often or if I am listening for that more, but buyers say that often.”

Lochlyn Hill offers that opportunity – be part of building something from the beginning. Help shape the┬áneighborhood’s future by your existence, your friendliness, your voice … help welcome new folks to the┬áneighborhood, help wear the trails to the river.

Curious? We love talking about our neighborhood.

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