Josh Batman of Stony Point Design Build

Custom-home quality should not demand a custom-home price. At Stony Point Design Build, we have brought the processes that result in the beauty of a custom home into a neighborhood scale. Whether your desire is a home that exudes architectural substance or one that is designed to live comfortably across generations, Stony Point Design Build is committed to building a home that meets your needs today and for years to come.

Many builders will make claims of the performance of their homes, but we back those claims with verification by third party testing. These steps we take ensure that every home has lower utility bills, provides healthier indoor air quality, and is built with local materials whenever possible. We don’t just label our homes as energy efficient, we prove that they are truly “high performance”.

Josh Batman has been designing and building homes for more than 15 years, and his focus on sustainable design and processes play out in each home he builds. The passion is clear in the livability of every dwelling for every client.

Stony Point Design Build at Lochlyn Hill