Christopher BrementBramante Homes’ architecture for new homes is best defined as neo-traditional. We offer homes that combine traditional elements with modern amenities. The result is a timeless home worth investing in.Custom homes are not limited to this neo-traditional style. Our portfolio includes French, Spanish, Victorian, contemporary, and other influences. In addition, we offer complete design services to help our clients realize their own unique design goals.

Mark BrementBramante Homes is a family business

FatherĀ and son team Mark and Christopher Brement are the founders of Bramante Homes. Clients work with the Brements from start to finish. We have worked diligently to ensure that many of the materials that go into our homes are locally-sourced and the people who work on our team are locals.We use subcontractors who are only interested in producing a superior product. And we take great pride that much of the materials and labor that go into our homes come from within our community.The Brements build because it’s in their genes. It’s what they love to do.

Bramante Homes at Lochlyn Hill